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I really liked the animation in this. Nice, fluid, good fun and humorous, it complemented the whole atmosphere of the movie.

The voice acting was also very well done, and the timing was excellent--props to the actors, as well as to you for your writing.

I really enjoyed watching this. You hit my Left 4 Dead pet peeves on the spot.

Francis was my favorite. Huuhaa.

Nice. :)

I have to say, the plot in this animation was very well thought out. Though there wasn't much animation in here, it had a whole comic book sort of feel to it, so it doesn't really matter.

Some voice acting would've been nice. Unless you didn't want it that way, then the text is fine. :)
It kind of works that way, so...

Excellent work.

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This was an amazing piece of work. We have been waiting and waiting for this to be finished, and here it is, greater than we even expected. It even left a cliff-hanger at the end to let us know there would be a seventh! O_o

Graphics were very well done and it was smoothly animated. The sound went well with it, and the violence and gore was brilliant! There is no other animation on Newgrounds that can match this kind of violence. It has Krinkel's own style and humor in it. :)

The perfect flash submission. Glad to see it's finally here.
Nice job, Krinkels.


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A very unique style of gaming combined with excellent graphics, great music, and challenging puzzles made this game a one of a kind masterpiece.

Nice choices of music, I must say again. They fit the overall theme of the game, and the graphics complemented it as well. They had a sort of modern, bright, playful-ish theme to them.

The puzzles were very well thought out and challenging, and can have you addicted for quite a while. A great recommendation if you are bored or just want to challenge your brain a bit.

Great work. :)


Here it is, finally. And somehow it's even better than the file updates you posted now that it's in the portal. :D

The graphics were simply amazing. They slowed my comp down a bit, but it doesn't matter. That's why you put in a low/medium/high quality choice for us. Nice. :)

Sound is great. Nice choices of music. My favorite was # 2. It's very clear and fits well with the whole theme.

Since this is a tutorial, there's 100% chance of interactivity. Buttons all over the place. :O

The added humor made this tutorial far from boring. Nothing like those textbooks. Some sentences in there made me laugh for about 30 minutes. O_o No joke.

Overall, 10/10.

It's been fun being a part of this. :D

Depredation responds:

Great review BB :). I'll improve on what you wrote in the 07' collab :). Thanks again for your parts and the review. They were both awsome :S.

Excellent. O_o

The graphics were amazingly good, and I really liked the intro animation stuff. There was a nice collection of games and stuff to experiment with, so it doesn't get boring. :)

There were tons of things to do on this little piece of machinery. Very entertaining and original. The sound was nice as well. :D

Great work Dep.

Depredation responds:

Cheers BB :). Thanks for all the comments, they were very helpful :D. Thanks again.

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This song is great! It's one of my favorites! I cannot get enough of it! Great job!!!

LightOtaku responds:

Hey Thanks! Me too!


This music was amazing. I loved it, and it really spoke to me. Reminded me of some good memories... some delicious ones, too!

TMM43 responds:

Haha, thanks for your review blanblan.
I'm honored that you chose my song for one of your flashes! Thanks!

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