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A very unique style of gaming combined with excellent graphics, great music, and challenging puzzles made this game a one of a kind masterpiece.

Nice choices of music, I must say again. They fit the overall theme of the game, and the graphics complemented it as well. They had a sort of modern, bright, playful-ish theme to them.

The puzzles were very well thought out and challenging, and can have you addicted for quite a while. A great recommendation if you are bored or just want to challenge your brain a bit.

Great work. :)


Here it is, finally. And somehow it's even better than the file updates you posted now that it's in the portal. :D

The graphics were simply amazing. They slowed my comp down a bit, but it doesn't matter. That's why you put in a low/medium/high quality choice for us. Nice. :)

Sound is great. Nice choices of music. My favorite was # 2. It's very clear and fits well with the whole theme.

Since this is a tutorial, there's 100% chance of interactivity. Buttons all over the place. :O

The added humor made this tutorial far from boring. Nothing like those textbooks. Some sentences in there made me laugh for about 30 minutes. O_o No joke.

Overall, 10/10.

It's been fun being a part of this. :D

Depredation responds:

Great review BB :). I'll improve on what you wrote in the 07' collab :). Thanks again for your parts and the review. They were both awsome :S.

Excellent. O_o

The graphics were amazingly good, and I really liked the intro animation stuff. There was a nice collection of games and stuff to experiment with, so it doesn't get boring. :)

There were tons of things to do on this little piece of machinery. Very entertaining and original. The sound was nice as well. :D

Great work Dep.

Depredation responds:

Cheers BB :). Thanks for all the comments, they were very helpful :D. Thanks again.

Good job!

This is kind of like a sound board, except for the fact that you use the keys on your keyboard! That means it wins. :)

The music you put in there was a pleasure to listen to, and some of the sounds made me laugh for some reason. I couldn't find the secret sounds. :(

One bad thing about this is that there is a glitch when you press the 'z' key. The screen turns white for a second, and then the sound plays. You might want to fix that.

Overall, good job on this excellent submission! I submitted it to the Gadgets section for you. :D


MegaGold responds:

Thanks for the fantastic review. Enjoyed reading it. I was using temporary flash since it's a demo, so I can't change anything with it, sadly. Also the secret was the 1 key, but when I finished it, it didn't seem to work, oh well. The secret was me saying "You found the secret" no biggie anymore, once more thanks for the review. Thank god for newgrounds. =)


This was an interesting quiz... about random stuff... it got annoying how if you get one question wrong, you have to start over, but what are you gonna do?

Your character design was somewhat interesting, though I wouldn't use gradients. Just a little opinion of my own.

The sound was all right, but there was little point to making this quiz. It's sort of like a pop quiz at school or something, so good to test your all round knowledge, but other than that, no point. Of course, it was called a random quiz so...

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Element responds:

thanks for reviewing man.


This tutorial was a very neat one, especially compared to others that pass the portal. -.-
I'm sure it will be very helpful for people that are new to flash, and/or are confused about something. You might want to add an introduction to the tool panel in there, too, so the new people know what they're working with. Also different music tracks would be nice.

Otherwise, good job!

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Pretty good.

This was actually a pretty decent sound board. There were a wide variety of sounds, though all of them had nothing to do with eachother. In other words, there was no theme, and it would be better if you had one.

If you're not going to have a theme, it'd be fine with me, but you would be better off categorizing your sounds.

Also, some of the sounds didn't work, you might want to fix that. =P

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Element responds:

Thanks for the review.i made ones that dont work just to piss people off.

This was good.

Overall, this was a pretty good flash. Some of its downsides would be that the music would keep playing when you switched to the next scene, the scenes were a little too small, and you could only drag characters. You should add props of some sort to it.

But if you're going to stick with the characters, shrink them and add pictures of them in different poses. (One standing, one sitting, one screaming, etc.)

Good luck on your next one!

Review Request Club.

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks. There are props. Music problems? I know... I'll fix that soon.

Great tutorial

But there's no actionscript in there! Oh well, action script isn't very 'basic,' is it? So yeah, this would be a great tutorial to help beginners who just recently got flash to get started. It covers the tools, frames, library, everything needed to get familiar with the environment of Flash. Great job!

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Yea, I really wanted to break into some actionscript, but like you said, it isn't basic. As you can probably imagine, I had to use a lot of actionscript to create the tutorial, the music player especially. I might make another tutorial based on actionscript, because I really like actionscript, but making tutorials really does leave you exhausted, and without much recognition either.

One of the better quizes

There have been many other quizes on Newgrounds, but this would be one of the better ones out there. Great work man!

Billy-Bean responds:

Thanks a lot.

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