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I really liked the animation in this. Nice, fluid, good fun and humorous, it complemented the whole atmosphere of the movie.

The voice acting was also very well done, and the timing was excellent--props to the actors, as well as to you for your writing.

I really enjoyed watching this. You hit my Left 4 Dead pet peeves on the spot.

Francis was my favorite. Huuhaa.

Nice. :)

I have to say, the plot in this animation was very well thought out. Though there wasn't much animation in here, it had a whole comic book sort of feel to it, so it doesn't really matter.

Some voice acting would've been nice. Unless you didn't want it that way, then the text is fine. :)
It kind of works that way, so...

Excellent work.

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This was an amazing piece of work. We have been waiting and waiting for this to be finished, and here it is, greater than we even expected. It even left a cliff-hanger at the end to let us know there would be a seventh! O_o

Graphics were very well done and it was smoothly animated. The sound went well with it, and the violence and gore was brilliant! There is no other animation on Newgrounds that can match this kind of violence. It has Krinkel's own style and humor in it. :)

The perfect flash submission. Glad to see it's finally here.
Nice job, Krinkels.



This is one of the greatest pieces of work I've ever seen. The graphics themselves were amazing, and the sound quality as well as the storyline added to that.

There is nothing at all to improve on, as this is perfection itself. It is also very, very, very funny! :)

Amazing job! You get an Overall rating of 10/10!

HoboPorn responds:

lol <3


Very clever idea! Congrats to your friend for thinking of this. Most stick animations aren't very good at all, but this one is. And the fact that this is your first flash submission makes it even better! Way to go. ^.^

Graphics are decent, even though you used stick figures. The humor was somewhat original, and very creative. Congratulations on that.

The lack of sound and voice acting are a few downsides to this, so yeah...

Great work! I am looking forward to your next submissions.

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Psyreaper responds:

it started off as a sort of example of decent animation to show my friend as his was the typical noobish stickmen animation the kind with no elbow or knee joints and the arms coming out the stomach but if it wasn't for him this would have never been made. As for voice acting I don't do it much mainly since I dont have a microphone...


Good job on the frame by frame, considering it takes forever to do. The music seemed to fit this flash pretty well, and the graphics got a 7 because... because it's B!

It made me laugh for some reason as well, maybe because it's weird and random like that. But hey, I could be high for all you know. <.< >.>

Violence was a 10!! I'm kidding, no violence. The only thing you could interact with was the play button, but who cares?

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Violence = 100

Here are a few words that can describe this: Strange, discusting, interesting, violent, and funny. I don't know why, it's just funny.. it's random, it's violent, it's different... so I guess I thought it was funny! :)

The animation was very smooth, and the graphics were also very well done. The music in the background got a little repetitive for me, so that's why the sound got a 7...

Nice job on the violence... violent...

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Catoblepas responds:

Heh. I get those adjectives a lot. Thanks for the review.


The graphics were very amazingly done, and the humor got the score up even higher. That was very random. :)

Nice music to accompany the animation I might add.

There's not much to say about this flash, since it is very short, but it was a great work of art to sum it all up.

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Sk8erGirl14 responds:

ha ha, well if you got a laugh out of it, then Im happy, lol...

thanks for the review...


This wasn't worthy of being saved, and you know it. But it was clock day, so of course it passed. :)

There was no animation, no sound, nothing at all. Yet something about this flash made me laugh. That's why I gave humor a six. I have no idea what made it so funny, but I guess it was random like that. :D

This is absolutely terrible, but I'm sure you don't care, right? It was after all a Clock day submission.

3/5 (lol)
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MR-HOMO responds:

This wasn't worthy of being saved, and you know it

Does the title give it away? I should really change it.

There was no animation, no sound, nothing at all.

Nothing at all? BOO! What about all the special features? You must have missed them.

I have no idea what made it so funny

I think it was all the sand.

3/5 (lol)

Every day, without fail, I give this submission a 0 just to try and drag it down. I find it really amusing.


This was so random and strange that it made me laugh. It was a little short, but that's why the title is called "Daily Short," of course.
Good job.


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